Tracy Anderson’s Top Arm-Sculpting Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

When the weather starts getting warmer, most of us immediately ramp up our ab and glute exercises. But what about your arms? Here, Health’s contributing fitness editor Tracy Anderson demonstrates a challenging arm workout you can do anywhere—no equipment necessary. 

WATCH THE VIDEO: 5-Minute Hotel Room Workout for Arms, Shoulders, and Back

Tracy notes that the key to strong arms is all about working different parts, not just isolated areas. These bodyweight exercises offer incredibly challenging resistance to get your shoulders, biceps, and triceps in shape for summer. Watch this video to see six of Tracy’s favorite arm-sculpting moves.

No time to watch? Here’s a breakdown of the workout:  

Move 1: Start by lying on the ground. Push up into a plank position, then twist your body, creating an award pushup position. Press back up into a full plank and extend your top leg. Lower your body down and extend your leg up again. Do this 30 times. You’re going to start to feel your back arm really working, because you’re twisting your body weight to the back arm, while the front one is just stabilizing. Be sure to do both sides.

Move 2: Get into a full plank position, then straighten one leg to the back. Lift one leg and dangle your knee. Tuck it in towards your chest, then cross it over your other leg, and extend  your leg into the air behind you.

Move 3: Get into a plank position. Alternate bringing your knees underneath your body, crossing diagonally, and tapping your knee with the opposite hand. Use your arms to stabilize yourself during this move.

Move 4: Get into a tabletop position. Reach one arm into the sky while pushing your hips up. Twist your body down into a high plank, then press your outside leg up into the air.

Move 5: Get into a plank position. Bend your knee and rest your outer leg on the ground in a twisted position. From here, lift your knee up and extend it out behind you. Keep twisting, lowering, and lifting for 30 reps.

Move 6: Get into a wide leg plank. Lower down to one forearm, then switch to the other. Next, energetically push your body back up using just one arm.