The latest Gear and Gadgets will into the fitness industry

  • New Balance Studio Skin

    Not quite a shoe and more than just a sock, this slip-on footwear is designed specifically for studio classes (think barre or Pilates) where you’d normally go barefoot or wear grippy socks.

    Reviewing editor: Kylie Gilbert, assistant editor, &

    • Cushioning on the ball and arch of the foot offers more comfort than bare feet.
    • Silicone traction on the bottom creates super-glue-like grip.
    • The stylish design also resists odors.
  • Clarisonic Mia Fit

    This travel-size facial brush is supposed to clean your face six times better than using your hands alone.

    Reviewing editor: Alyssa Sparacino, web editor, &

    • The compact size makes this facial brush perfectly portable for a weekend trip.
    • You’ll need to charge the device for 18 hours before its first use.
    • The 60-second daily-use setting or 80-second option for after a sweaty workout both leave you with smooth, refreshed skin.
  • Under Armour Health Box

    Inside the box you’ll actually find three different products: a scale, a heart-rate monitor, and a fitness tracker. Under Armour assembled this team of high-tech gear to give you an in-depth look at your fitness from all angles.

    Reviewing editor: Mirel Ketchiff, health editor, SHAPE

    • The scale doesn’t do much more than your regular scale, but it does display body fat percentages.
    • The heart-rate monitor gives interesting insight into how hard you’re working in a quantitative way.
    • The entire suite, including the fitness tracker, is integrated with MapMyFitness suite for seamless health monitoring.
  • Asus ZenWatch 2

    This Android device marries fitness with function—you can wear it both in the office and at the gym without sacrificing your style or workout.

    Reviewing editor: Ashley Mateo, deputy editor, &

    • With all the capabilities of a smartwatch, including an easy-to-use stopwatch, this option is great for the gym.
    • Customizable bands make it easy to change your look.
    • The watch and interchangeable bands can go from work to workout, fast.
  • Healbe GoBe

    Labeled an automatic body manager, this tracker promises to monitor your sleep, stress, heart rate, hydration, and calorie intake. It also includes a sensor to detect changing body sugar levels.

    Reviewing editor: Lauren Mazzo, editorial assistant, &

    • The design is a bit large and clunky.
    • The automatic caloric intake measurements were pretty accurate.
    • There’s a bit of a learning curve, but the device does seem to make good on its promises.
  • Nike LunarEpic

    Unlike any running shoes you’ve seen before: The megabrand is calling these the future of running, promising you can run forever while wearing them.

    Reviewing editor: Ashley Mateo, deputy editor, &

    • The FlyKnit upper gives you a snug fit that’s crazy comfortable and supportive.
    • Pressurized laser cuts in both the side and bottom sole allow for better shock absorption.
    • No more achy feet after a long run.
  • FOREO Luna Mini Facial Brush

    This entirely silicone facial brush is the first of its kind. It has a pod-like shape for easy gripping and a rechargeable battery for on-the-go cleansing.

    Reviewing editor: Alyssa Sparacino, web editor, &

    • The brush lasts for an impressive 300 uses per charge.
    • USB charging makes for accessible recharging anywhere.
    • The silicone bristles might not give as deep a clean as a traditional brush head with synthetic bristles.
  • Slendertone Connect Abs

    Wrapped around your stomach, the belt features sticky pads that push through an electric current that creates vibrations, causing your core muscles to contract.

    Reviewing editor: Megan Soll, contributor and syndication editor, &

    • The device is connected to an app on your phone for easily accessible controls during the “workout” and for progress monitoring when not in use.
    • You might find the sensation a bit strange as you watch your abs move and contract during higher-intensity pulses.
    • Though a bit pricey at $200, the belt may be a good option for those who prefer at-home workouts or who want to try something new.
  • Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2

    These running shoes are more like a fitness tracker you wear on your feet. The embedded chip records every step you take, automatically tracking your route and filing it to your MapMyRun account.

    Reviewing editor: Mirel Ketchiff, health editor, SHAPE

    • There’s no need to manually add your route or track your run, as the shoe does it all for you.
    • The accuracy of both the GPS and other variables—such as cadence duration—is reliable.
    • The shoes offer both style and technology so you can get a great workout in and look good doing it.
  • Withings Aura

    This high-tech alarm clock uses a flexible alarm setting and beams of blue or red light to help you wake up easier and fall asleep faster.

    Reviewing editor: Mirel Ketchiff, health editor, SHAPE

    • Despite being high-tech, the clock is easy to use.
    • A modern look, with USB charging capabilities in the back, creates a sleek design.
    • The use of light and sleep tracking improves sleep quality over time.
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