How Jessie Hilgenberg Stays Fit While Pregnant

With women in their 30s now having more babies than younger moms in the United States, staying fit while pregnant has become more important than ever.[1] Before you write off the gym, take a page from NLA and athlete Jessie Hilgenberg. This IFBB Pro is known for creating great routines (like her Rock the Dress Workout), but also for her no-nonsense work ethic and belief that all women, in all situations of life, should embrace strength training in one form or another—and all men should understand that need.

An increasing number of experts are in Jessie’s corner. Research has shown that women who exercise may significantly lower their risk of a C-section and of experiencing certain birth complications, among other benefits.[2] But when you’re a momma to be, you might need to make modifications as you get further along in your pregnancy, such as finding substitutes for machines or benches where you’d be lying face down.