These 11 Game of Thrones Gifs Are At The Gym

We get it: You’re insanely bummed that the latest season of Game of Thrones is over. But don’t worry too much, because if you think about it, the gym is kind of like GoT too. You’re all eyeing the best spot for crunches, the most coveted machines, and the just-right set of weights that you can get your hands on. There’s always someone vying for your spot on the bench or place in the mirror. You might even be eyeing your gym adversaries to check out their form so you can bust out better strength and endurance results than ever before. Not convinced? Here’s 11 gifs that explain exactly what we mean.

1. When you walk up in the gym like:


2. When a guy tries to man-splain the exercise equipment you’re using:


3. When you have a glorious moment when you uncover your favorite resistance band in the equipment pile:


4. When you walk in for your first personal training session:


5. When you have a nightmare that the gym is closed:


6. When your gym crush needs a spotter:


7. When someone snags the machine you were JUST about to use:


8. When the New Years/Spring Break resolutioners join the gym:


9. When your neighbor starts eyeing your weights:


10. When you see someone using a machine completely wrong: 


11. When you shock the trainer (and haters) with your skills:


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Megan Soll