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How Jessie Hilgenberg Stays Fit While Pregnant

With women in their 30s now having more babies than younger moms in the United States, staying fit while pregnant has become more important than ever.[1] Before you write off the gym, take a page from NLA and athlete Jessie Hilgenberg. This IFBB Pro

How To Maintain Happy Hormones While Getting Lean

Leaning out feels amazing. You look better, your self-confidence soars, and you’re finally able to show off all that muscle you worked so hard to build. But your body might not be quite so happy. Your body stores fat as a necessary safeguard against starvation,

Build A Booty That Will Drop Jaws

Standing onstage, competing in nothing more than a two-piece swimsuit and high heels, there’s no way to hide. Your rear view must be flawless. Former IFBB fitness pro Carla Sanchez understands this better than most. The owner of Performance Ready Fitness Studio, Sanchez has trained

6 Tips For Improving Your Overhead Press

When it comes to getting stronger and bigger in the gym, compound lifts should be your focus. These movements incorporate multiple muscle groups and joints to get your body working synergistically and maximize your strength output. If you are hoping to build a powerful physique,

Kris Gethin: Man Of Iron, Week 3

Back | Main | Next “It feels like my body is finally starting to respond, and it feels like I could grow,” Kris Gethin says during his third week of training for an Iron Man triathlon. Adding muscle during triathlon prep—straight crazy, right? But if

Meet Hannah Eden: Your Red-Hot Fitness Hero

With her shocking red hair, unquenchable energy, and rock-solid athlete’s physique, all Hannah Eden needs is a cape to become a bona fide superhero. She didn’t exactly come from a distant planet, but her move from the U.K. to the U.S. while still a teenager

The Bleacher Workout That Will Torch Your Legs And Lungs

Just because they don’t happen in a gym doesn’t mean bleacher workouts aren’t serious training. On the contrary, even some of the toughest athletes find themselves sucking wind when training on stadium stairs. That’s not too surprising, given that you’re not just running, jumping, and

Build A Chest That Stands Out From Every Angle!

Fitness model and MuscleTech sponsored athlete Abel Albonetti doesn’t waste any time on chest day. With all the different positions and angles he hits on his presses and flyes, he can’t afford to! This high-volume workout is perfect for advanced lifters, but if you’re not