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Stability Ball Moves You Need For a Super-Toned Butt

As soon as you’ve mastered a move, two things happen: You’re stoked that you’ve accomplished a new feat, and you’re ready to take things to the next level. That’s wherestability balls come in. They kick bodyweight moves up a notch, as they require you to

Take This 5-Day Workout Challenge with Olympian Emma Coburn

If you don’t have the attention span to stick to an entire 30-day long workout challenge, we’ve got the plan for you. (Though we happen to be quite fond of this 30-day option.) Pro-steeplechaser, Olympic bronze medalist, and Red Bull athlete Emma Coburn created her own 5-day workout challenge,

This Arm Workout Is About to Be A Staple In Your Weekly Routine

  Summer is basically here, so if you haven’t focused on your arms in those weekly workouts, now’s the time. (“Sun’s out, guns out,” as they say.) With this circuit from Jeanette Jenkins, celeb trainer of The Hollywood Trainer Club, you’ll hit the biceps, triceps,

The Low-Impact Cardio Workout You Need for Lazy Days

Let’s be real for a hot second: Some days, when you start getting ready for the gym, your body (and mind) just isn’t in the mood. It’s those days — when burpees feel 10,000 times harder than they did yesterday — that you need a more

Get Your Best Beach Body Ever In 21 Days

3 Weeks to a Bikini Body Don’t worry — there’s still time to get a beach-ready body. We have just the plan: a high-energy cardio and sculpting routine that’s guaranteed to boost your metabolism, melt fat, and blast calories. Best of all, you can do it

This 20-Minute Circuit Is Sure to Leave You Sweaty AF

Burpees. Plyometric Lunges. Squat jumps. They’re moves that we all love to hate because, yeah, they hurt so good. And they’re all in this workout, designed to get you hot and sweaty in as little time as possible. (We know you’ve got things to do.)

5 simple ways to progress your push up

5 Simple Ways To Progress Your Push-up

You should give yourself a new challenge if you are crushing push-ups by the dozen.  Finding the next progression is as simple as moving your hands or feet! As kids, my brother Danny and I spent a lot of time having push-up contests. If one

kris gethins 3 best insider tips for bigger biceps header v2 KANGEDMISCLE

Kris Gethin’s 3 Best Insider Tips For Bigger Biceps

The keys to achieve greater biceps growth are including how you grab a weight, and how you lift it. Creating softball-sized biceps is part science and part art. The science factors in when considering the best exercises, their order, the number of sets, how much

The Top 4 Leg-Day Machine Exercises

The Top 4 Leg-Day Machine Exercises

It is important to do free-weight exercises. But you can get more out of your leg session by adding machine exercises that will help you meet your physique goals. To complete a leg workout without a machine movement is possible, but it’s pretty darn hard.