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The Running Trend You Need to Try This Year

We were born to run. However, we were not born to run on man-made surfaces. Although modern athletic shoes have compensated for that, allowing many people to run pain-free on the road, there’s still something magical about running on natural surfaces. And more and more

"Learn. Dream. Live. Run."

5 Things to Know About Girls on the Run

It is their mission to  encourage young women and girls to dream big and commit to living well for the founders of Girls on the Run. And they want to do all of that by helping them run. For the founders of Girls on the

Long Slow Distance Run

The Long Slow Distance Run vs. Tempo

A long slow distance (LSD) run serves as the cornerstone when in the traditional marathon training plan. The LSD run is often prescribed as a weekend run, anywhere from 2-3 hours long, and run at a pace about 30-90 seconds slower than your goal race