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Stop Going Heavy on These 3 Exercises

You will break up the wrong tree if you have been chasing 1RM strength in these movements. Stay pain-free and get better results by switching to these three exercises! Training with near-maximal loads can be one of the best ways to get big, gain strength,

4 Things You Never Learned About Muscle Growth

4 Things You Never Learned About Muscle Growth

Always wonder how heavy should you lift, don’t know how to gain doomed after a few weeks away from the gym? Get answers from muscle-building expert Brad Schoenfeld! If you think that researchers—or research-savvy lifters—have figured out everything important there is to know about muscle

83-Year-Old Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Workout Is Super Hard

If you need any more proof that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a total badass, just take a look at her workout. In a new video from Politico, one unsuspecting reporter attempted to give the justice’s regular routine a go. His verdict: “It nearly broke me.” Twice a week

13 Not-So-Obvious Things to Know About Your Tracker

If you were fortunate enough to activate a new Fitbit tracker over the holidays, welcome! Chances are you’re still getting to know your device, and that’s ok. Creating a Fitbit account opens you up to such a wealth of healthy things to do, track, and

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Pump Quiz: Are You Doing The Romanian “Frankenlift?”

There are many differences between Romanian and stiff-legged deadlifts. Here’s a quick quiz to see if you’re doing them correctly or mixing them up. Arguably, the Romanian deadlift is performed incorrectly more often than any other exercise. People confuse it with the stiff-legged deadlift or

Protect Your Back With This Daily Routine

Protect Your Back With This Daily Routine

When we doing exercise, we just want to keep getting stronger, packing on more muscle, and progressing toward our goals in and out of the gym. But let’s be real: Most of us are dealing with the same chronic daily sedentary positions as the rest

A New Year’s Meditation for Each Dosha

A New Year’s Meditation for Each Dosha

It is a fresh start for meditation in the new year, and it can help, no matter what your dosha is, says Larissa Hall Carlson, former dean of Kripalu’s School of Ayurveda and co-leader of Yoga Journal’s new course, Ayurveda 101. “Meditation is important for all