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Monthly Archives: October 2016

"Learn. Dream. Live. Run."

5 Things to Know About Girls on the Run

It is their mission to  encourage young women and girls to dream big and commit to living well for the founders of Girls on the Run. And they want to do all of that by helping them run. For the founders of Girls on the

Long Slow Distance Run

The Long Slow Distance Run vs. Tempo

A long slow distance (LSD) run serves as the cornerstone when in the traditional marathon training plan. The LSD run is often prescribed as a weekend run, anywhere from 2-3 hours long, and run at a pace about 30-90 seconds slower than your goal race

The Buff Dudes' Perfect Day

The Buff Dudes’ Perfect Day

There’s more to life than just sitting around racking up views if you are in a YouTube fitness badass. The Buff Dudes practice what they post 24/7. Here’s what their ideal day looks like! A  group of men finally meet face to face and they

6 Yoga Poses For A Better Night's Sleep

6 Yoga Poses For A Better Night’s Sleep

An anxious mind and unsettled body will result in restless sleep. As we go about our day, stress from work, family, friends, finances, and fitness builds up, affecting our moods and physical health. That stress, combined with our busy schedules and our need to scroll