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Monthly Archives: September 2016

6 Under-The-Radar Tips For Great Workouts

6 Under-The-Radar Tips For Great Workouts

It’s been said that 80 percent of success is just showing up. If that sounds like your approach to training, you’ve probably attained a certain amount of success through all your check-ins and check-outs at the gym. However, you can exponentially increase the quality of

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What Is Listeria, and How to Make Sure You Avoid It

 The recall of 10,000 cases of Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles last week is shining a spotlight on a serious and dangerous repeat offender in the world of food poisoning: Listeria. So what is Listeria? Well, it’s a type of bacteria with the full name

The One Lift Every Woman Should Do

Each woman has her own reasons for working out. But, no matter what  your goal is, you need to be doing this essential exercise! Declaring that one lift is so important every woman should do it is bold. Not only does the lift have to

8 gym benchmarks everyone can achieve header

8 Gym Benchmarks Everyone Can Achieve

You might be strong in one or two lifts, but are you up to the same standard in these 8 classic moves? If not, make these your next goals! Plenty of us tell ourselves, “I’m not the competitive type,” but once we get fairly serious

Wipe Out Acne and Acne Scars With Coconut Oil?

Acne is a common skin disease that affects up to 80% of people in their lifetime. It is most common among teenagers, but it can affect adults of all ages. Because of coconut oil’s many health properties, some people have started using it to treat

13 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods to Add to Your Diet Today

Heart disease is the biggest killer worldwide. Having high cholesterol (especially LDL particles) is linked to an increased risk of heart disease (1). Having low HDL (the “good”) cholesterol and high triglycerides is also linked to increased risk (2). Fortunately, what you eat can have

Why Casein Is One of The Best Proteins You Can Take

Casein is a slow-digesting dairy protein that people often take as a supplement. It releases amino acids slowly, so people often take it before bed to help with recovery and reduce muscle breakdown while they sleep. Several studies have shown it helps boost muscle growth,

Should You Avoid Fish Because of the Mercury?

Fish is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. That’s because it’s a great source of protein, micronutrients and healthy fats. However, some types of fish can contain high levels of mercury, which is toxic. In fact, mercury exposure has been linked to serious